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MultiSpa® lounger & seat mat savings package

Your holistic oasis of well-being!

Discover the MultiSpa Bundle: The MultiSpa frequency mat and the MultiSpa seat mat - perfect for your well-being wherever and whenever you want!

MultiSpa frequency mat: With 50 frequency programs, 9 magnetic field therapy forms and 36 infrared & biophoton light therapy fields you experience pure relaxation. Our carefully handcrafted mat guarantees the highest quality.

MultiSpa seat mat: Versatile, flexible and appealing - with 50 frequency programs, 9 magnetic field therapy forms and 12 infrared & biophoton light therapy fields, it is your constant regeneration companion. Your health is the focus. This mat is also handmade to meet the highest quality standards.

The MultiSpa Bundle – the perfect choice for holistic well-being and your careful health prevention!
Save now in the bundle offer and experience wellness and health anywhere.

Get with every savings package:

1x ergonomic pillow,
1x mat pad and
2x covers for the frequency mat as a gift from us.

With this set you save €546.00

🚚 Delivery time:

Frequency mat: From September 18, 2023

Seat mat: October 2023

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Technical specifications

Frequency mat:

- Dimensions: 190cm × 80cm × 3cm

- Transport dimensions: 63 cm x 80 cm x 14 cm

- Weight: approx. 14kg (transport weight: approx. 16 kg)

- Power consumption: 310 W voltage 230 V (12.4 cents/h at 40 cents/kWh Ø

- Application: bed, sofa, massage table, floor or armchair

Seat mat:

- Dimensions: 108cm × 50cm × 3cm

- Transport dimensions: 60 cm x 50 cm x 10 cm

- Weight: approx. 6kg (transport weight: approx. 7 kg)

- Power consumption: 280 W voltage 230 V (11 cents/h at 40 cents/kWh Ø

- Application: chair, armchair, bed, sofa, or massage table

Both mats include:

- Mat temperature range: 30°C - 70°C

- Magnetic field strength: 150 µT

- FDA registered and medically approved product

- Warranty: 3 years

- CE and RoHS tested according to EU standards

scope of delivery

✔️ 1x frequency mat

✔️ 1x seat mat

✔️ 2x control unit

✔️ 1x ergonomic cushion for frequency mat

✔️ 1x mat pad for frequency mat

✔️ 2x covers for frequency mat

✔️ 2x magnetic field test cylinders

✔️ 1x carrying bag for frequency mat

✔️ 1x carry bag for seat mat

✔️ 2x user manual (open as PDF)

✔️ 2x user guide

✔️ 2x magazine (open in German) or (open in English)

Shipping Information and Payment Methods

  • Free delivery within Germany and Austria
  • Insured shipment of goods via DHL or DPD
  • We will provide the tracking number for tracking the package by email
  • 30 day return policy from package delivery
  • Delivery time:

Frequency mat: From September 18, 2023

Seat mat: October 2023

Payment methods: PayPal, advance payment, cash on delivery, Klarna invoice, Klarna installments, Amazon Pay, credit card.

forms of therapy

🏮 Infrared deep heat

🌞 Biophoton light therapy

🌳 Negative ions

🌍 Schumann resonance

🌫️ Pulsating magnetic field therapy

Hexagonal precious mineral stones

- 1033 stones at frequency mat

- 313 stones at seat mat


Our sophisticated control allows the biophoton light therapy , the infrared deep heat and the pulsating magnetic field to be set and used independently of each other.

The MultiSpa frequency mat and seat mat have 50 Hertz frequency programs , which have different effects, as well as 8 preset magnetic field therapy programs . The Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) is also preset. It is referred to as the “heartbeat of the earth”.

Experience the positive effects of the Schumann Resonance on your body - a natural and effective means of promoting health, well-being and much more!

MultiSpa® lounger & seat mat savings package
  • Certified product

Customer Reviews

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The construction of our seat mat!

Each individual mat is lovingly handcrafted.

The top-class MultiSpa frequency mat!

The MultiSpa® frequency mat was developed with an innovative combination of different layers to provide comprehensive support for well-being. Here are the individual layers of the mat:

1. Biophotons/precious mineral stones : The mat contains precious mineral stones such as biotite, black green jade, Elvan, germanium and tourmaline. These stones can help promote energetic balance in the body and have positive effects on health and well-being.

2. Magnetic field coils : The integrated magnetic field coils generate a pulsating magnetic field that can stimulate cell metabolism and improve blood circulation. This technology can contribute to relaxation and increase overall well-being.

3. Transparent TPU : Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is used for transparency and flexibility to protect the integrated layers while ensuring the functionality of the mat.

4. Natural Amethyst : Amethyst is a gemstone known for its calming and relaxing properties. It can help reduce stress and create a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Carbon lamination : The carbon layer is used to dissipate electromagnetic radiation and can help reduce electrosmog.

6. Negative ion lamination : The negative ion layer can improve air quality and have a positive effect on well-being.

7. Far infrared lamination : The far infrared technology in this layer can produce deep heat, which helps relax muscles and can promote blood circulation.

8. Reflective film : The reflective film can help retain heat and energy in the mat while ensuring a comfortable surface temperature.

9. Electrosmog Shielding : This layer aims to shield electromagnetic radiation and minimize contact with potentially harmful EMF rays.

10. Temperature sensors : Integrated sensors monitor the temperature and ensure comfortable and safe use of thermal technologies.

11. Non-woven fabric : A non-woven fabric is used for additional padding and insulation to increase the comfort of use.

12. Cotton for thermal protection : A layer of cotton serves as additional protection and insulation to keep the surface temperature comfortable.

13. Floor pad : The floor pad ensures stability and non-slip grip of the mat on various surfaces.

The MultiSpa® Seat Mat is designed to provide comprehensive and versatile support for health and well-being by combining innovative technologies and natural materials.

Only the best quality

Improve your blood circulation!

The topic of cardiovascular diseases is extremely relevant nowadays, as the number has increased noticeably, especially in recent years. Poor circulation can lead to serious health problems. But with our practical frequency mat you can minimize these risks and even improve your health!

The MultiSpa frequency mat uses a variety of positive technologies such as infrared deep heat, pulsating magnetic field therapy, biophotons, Schumann resonance, precious mineral stones and negative ions to improve blood circulation in your body.

By promoting microcirculation and supporting cell functions, using the frequency mat can contribute to better oxygen supply, nutrient absorption and detoxification of your cells.

But the best is:
You can simply use this mat at home whenever you want and thus benefit from its positive effects on a regular basis! Take a look at our chart and see for yourself how the blood count improves after use.

So why continue to take risks when you can discover the path to a healthier life now?

Visible improvements after just 20 minutes of use

Our MultiSpa frequency mat is not only an innovative therapy device, but also a visual experience! With the use of a thermal imaging camera, you can clearly see the immediate effects of the application on your circulation.

After only 20 minutes on the frequency mat, the diagram of the thermal imaging camera shows a significant improvement in blood circulation in your vessels. This indicates an optimal supply of your entire organism. The benefits of this improved blood flow are numerous: better oxygen supply to the cells, faster tissue regeneration, improved metabolic processes and much more.

No promises of healing

We distance ourselves from any promise of healing or healing statements. The applications of our MultiSpa frequency mat serve the general well-being and can have a supportive effect in various areas. Everyone is their own individual and reacts differently to certain applications.

All modes of action are based on studies that we have linked on our website.