Für Sportler ist die MultiSpa Frequenzmatte unverzichtbar! - MultiSpa®

The MultiSpa frequency mat is indispensable for athletes!

Experience the true power of the MultiSpa frequency mat and let yourself be inspired by the positive effects on your sporting life!

Infrared/biophoton light therapy, pulsating magnetic fields, negative ions, deep heat and precious mineral stones - these groundbreaking technologies will take your training to a whole new level and optimize your athletic performance. You deserve the best to help you reach your goals, and the MultiSpa Frequency Mat gives you just that!

Feel the infrared light penetrate deep into your muscles, relieving muscle tension and pain. Your blood circulation is increased, which accelerates your regeneration and prevents injuries. You will feel more agile and powerful than ever!

The pulsating magnetic fields will catapult your energy to unimagined heights. They reduce muscle soreness and pain, improve circulation and aid in the healing of injuries. With this technology you are ready to give it your all and push your limits!

Immerse yourself in the world of negative ions that will fill your lungs with fresh air and increase your endurance. You take a deep breath and feel your body being charged with oxygen and energy. Say goodbye to stress and anxiety and find the mental strength you need to achieve great things!

The biophotons on the frequency mat improve cell communication and speed up your metabolism. Your athletic performance will be optimized and you will feel energetic and ready for any challenge.

The deep heat envelops you like a soothing hug and lets your muscles relax. Say goodbye to tension and injuries and awaken your true strength. The improved blood circulation and the anti-inflammatory effects will inspire you!

The MultiSpa frequency mat offers you all these technologies in a single product. You will feel your performance increase, your regeneration accelerate and you will feel ready to achieve everything you set out to do.

Not only that, the Schumann frequency on the frequency mat brings your body into harmony and increases your energy and concentration. You'll feel balanced and focused, ready to scale new heights!

Discover the powerful precious mineral stones that can unleash your sporting potential:

  • Elvari: Leave the stress behind and find inner peace. With Elvari you stay calm, focused and take your performance to a new level.
  • Biotite: Feel the energy that drives you. Biotit gives you that extra kick to increase your endurance and get you in top form. Give everything you have!
  • Tourmaline: Feel the vitality pulsing in your veins. Tourmaline boosts your physical strength and endurance. Recover faster and relieve muscle tension for your next breakthrough.
  • Germanium: Give your body wings and experience new heights. Germanium improves oxygenation and energy flow, allowing you to last longer and recover faster. Feel the power in you!
  • Black Green Jade: Find the balance between body and mind. Black-green jade strengthens your mental strength, concentration and inner peace. Don't get distracted and achieve your goals with clarity.

With these precious mineral stones by your side, you're ready to push new boundaries and evolve as an athlete. Use their positive effects and become the best version of yourself.

Experience the difference and become a champion!

Enrich your training with the MultiSpa frequency mat and experience the difference it can make for you as an athlete. Be ready to exceed your goals, avoid injuries and bring out the best in you!

Start your journey to your best self today with the MultiSpa frequency mat - your ultimate companion for top athletic performance!

Don't forget to drink a glass of pure water before and after using the frequency mat.

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