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Heat Therapy - Essential against pain and disease

Heat therapy is a form of physical therapy used to treat pain and non-inflammatory conditions.

The heat has a relaxing effect on the muscles and promotes blood circulation and metabolism in the body. This can relieve pain and stimulate the natural healing process . People usually experience the treatment as soothing and relaxing .

effect of heat therapy

Heat therapy works on several levels in the body.

On the one hand, the heat relaxes the muscles . With the help of heat applications, for example, the stretchability or elasticity of connective tissue structures can be increased and any tissue adhesions can be loosened . On the other hand, the heat therapy supports the blood circulation in the tissue .

Heat dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow and metabolism . As a result, even tissue with a reduced blood supply or injured tissue is supplied with messenger substances, oxygen and nutrients . This effectively supports the recovery and restoration of damaged tissue . The heat effect also strengthens the body's own immune system . In addition, heat therapy helps reduce pain perception by stimulating heat receptors.

In this video, heat therapy is explained again.

Areas of application for heat therapy:

  • osteoarthritis,

  • chronic painful processes,

  • degenerative processes,

  • inflammation,

  • High blood pressure,

  • Lumbago - lumbago, sudden intense pain usually in the loins,

  • muscle shortening,

  • Myogeloses – nodular or bulge-shaped, clearly defined hardening in the muscles (colloquially also referred to as hard strains),

  • myalgia - diffuse or localized muscle pain,

  • post-acute conditions after operations or trauma to the musculoskeletal system,

  • pain relief,

  • Spondylosis - in spondylosis, the change in previously damaged intervertebral discs spreads to the surrounding bony parts of the spine and thus leads above all to marginal attachments and spur formation on the vertebral bodies,

  • Tendopathy – inflammatory changes in the tendons or tendon sheaths,

  • wound healing.


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