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Hot stone therapy

Healing by hot and heated stones is found in the mythology of many ancient peoples and cultures; their use in ancient China dates back to 200 BC. In the Pacific region, too, people relied on the effects of the warmed rock to relieve various injuries . Injuries were cared for and illnesses treated .

Heated stones were even used to cleanse the body . The knowledge was adapted to our time and our needs and is now used to strengthen our physical and mental balance , to bring relaxation and to release blockages .

The effect on our body

The heat causes the vessels to dilate , which in turn leads to better blood circulation . The resulting optimized circulation of the blood leads to a better supply of oxygen to the cells and stimulates the activity of the lymph , so that harmful substances can be excreted and metabolized better.

The "Hot Stones" use gentle stimuli where there is a lack of energy movement in the body. They can relieve muscle tension in a targeted manner , strengthen the immune system and have a positive influence on mental balance , so they can also counteract stress-related complaints . Chronic complaints such as headaches, back pain and joint pain can also be alleviated with heat.

Benefits of Hot Stone Therapy

  • May provide relief from muscle pain and tension . Muscle pain can be caused by a number of factors ranging from stress, insomnia, circulatory problems, anxiety, to joint problems.
  • May reduce stress and anxiety . Stress and anxiety is a problem that more and more people are suffering from due to their hectic lifestyles. This causes the inconveniences or worries of everyday life to be converted into small charges of negative energy.
  • Can help improve sleep quality. Warm stones can be useful in promoting overall relaxation of the body, allowing for deeper and better quality sleep.
  • May promote healthier looking skin. Improving blood circulation and eliminating toxins can contribute to healthier-looking and smoother skin.

When should the use of hot stone therapy be avoided?

Hot Stone should not be used in the case of acute illness symptoms, infections associated with increased temperature, infectious diseases, burns and fresh or unhealed wounds . It should also be avoided if there is a risk of thrombosis , phlebitis and a tendency to varicose veins . Caution is also required for diabetics , since the perception of cold/warmth is often disturbed. This also applies to pronounced neuropathy (damage to the nerves).


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